The prices for DLC have gotten out of control. The upcoming first pack of DLC for Modern Warfare 2, the “Stimulus Package”, only seems to be stimulating Activision’s wallets. Gamers went crazy when they found out that the five-map pack will cost 15 bucks, and that only three were new maps. It’s even worse when you realize that people will probably pick it up in droves regardless. People, you can’t really gripe when you’re buying it anyway.

They just released a trailer for the game which does make it look great. Of course, two of the maps are new versions of classic Call of Duty 4 maps- Crash and Overgrown. Bailout is another apartment complex map (with a pool!) Storm’s an industrial park, and Salvage is an abandoned car junkyard. They do all look pretty impressive and varied, and that’s the problem!

As usual there will be a double XP weekend to kick things off, which starts April 2nd and through the 5th. Twice the XP to make up for paying twice the price?

The Stimulus Package hits Xbox Live March 30th.