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03/24 – Urine Trouble.

Photo by Justin Matthews, submitted by Andrea Rothe.

Possibly the best art assignment ever.

POSITION WANTED: Artist to draw signs of the following: (clockwise) A Tiny Penised Man waiting for a Water Weird to finish its tirade; Werewolf relief; The Penitent Shit Shouter in all his glory; Rodin’s lesser known ‘The Stinker’.

In all seriousness, there needs to be very explicit instructions on how to use the toilet as judging by my experiences in public restrooms. Men [and from I’ve been told, women] abandon all semblance of couth, manners, and civility in public restrooms. Piss, shit, and THE UNKNOWN is everywhere.

In all silliness, there’s a penis on a sign! Amazing. Also, most signs exist because a human being did something to warrant the sign. At some instance in the past*, someone made piss in the direction of everything but the water. Someone went dogpiss, most likely not nearly as well as I do. Someone pissed vomit from their mouth, and someone casually squatted on the seat and bid adieu to their leavings. Someone did these four thing at one establishment. I almost feel bad for the place.

I also want to do a Piss Handstand there just so they need to head to the sign shop again.

* Trademark, Andrea Rothe.