Hope you’ve been enjoying Blur as much as we have, perhaps even though one of the beta codes we’ve given away.

The game’s an absolute ton of fun but after reaching rank 10, the cap in the beta, there’s not a whole lot to look forward to… besides humiliating your friends with your skills, of course. It’s been a tremendous success but Activision and and Bizarre Creations want people to keep playing, so they’ve going to increase the rank cap to 15 starting tomorrow, March 25th. Here’s a list of additional cars, mods, and challenges that you’ll unlock. I like the sound of that Last Gasp mod- basically the equivalent of Martyrdom?

Additional Cars Unlocked:

- Corvette ZR1 (Class B)
- Koenigsegg CCX-R (Class A)
 Additional Mods Unlocked:

- Iron Fist (Increases damage of a Power-up hit)
- Last Gasp (Player fires a Barge when Wrecked)
Additional Challenges Unlocked:

- Demolition Challenge Pack (16 new challenges)

Really wishing my Xbox 360 hadn’t gotten the RROD last week. In any case, not much longer till Blur‘s release- start training for it now.