Back in January we
reported that

Tim Burton had his eye on a live-action take on one of Disney’s best
and most sinister villains, Maleficent. While there’s no new information
on Burton’s involvement (or lack of), Disney has made the obvious choice
and hired Linda Woolverton to write the script for the film. Woolverton
was Burton’s scribe on Alice and frankly should have an equal
share of the blame for that mediocre collection of missed points.

a fan of the vaguely satanic Maleficent as a character and she certainly
ranks high among the Disney villains- she’s fucking evil and turns into a
dragon, this shit isn’t hard. However, I don’t know if Disney noticed
or not, but Enchanted
has already happened to us. Susan Sarandon’s character was one crow
sidekick away from being Maleficent (hell she may have had the crow-
it’s been awhile since that movie played in a room I was in), so they’ve
kinda blown their live-action,
evil-queen-turns-into-a-dragon-towards-the-finale load. I guess
Woolverton can beef it up with some tired fantasy tropes and prophecy
business, enough to distance it from Enchanted.

This could easily be fit into the
same mold as the wildly successful Alice In
, so I wouldn’t be
surprised to see this inhabit the de-facto sequel position (in terms of
release and approach) to that film.

Woolverton’s script will be written
in 3D.

Source| THR

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