Will Smith has been behind the Hollywood scenes (producing The Karate Kid) for awhile, not gracing the silver screen since Seven Pounds over a year ago. Several projects have materialized in the last few months that are hoping for Smith to hop on and lead them to box office glory, and according to Variety, Smith is currently planning to appear in one of them as his next project.

The first possibility is Men In Black 3, which we’ve reported on in the past. Written by Idiocracy and Tropic Thunder scribe Etan Cohen, the revamp of the extremely successful franchise calls for both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to return.

The second project is The City That Sailed (which I swear I covered many months ago, but can’t dig up the article if I did) is a film written by Andrew Niccol, writer and director of the Movie Of The Day, Lord of War. The film is about a street magician and his daughter, who are separated until the little girl’s wishes cause Manhattan, and her father, to start floating towards London, and her. The film was picked up by Smith’s own company, Overbrook Films, and brought to Fox, so it is probably as likely a contender as Men In Black 3 to be Smith’s next move.

If either project has any preference in the actor’s mind, or if he is looking for a way to stagger the projects and be in both is not mentioned. Whichever production lands (what many consider to be) the last bankable movie star there is, expect them to announce it promptly.

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