Reason #26,049 Why Has the Best Readers.

I go through these phases where the majority of negativity on the CHUD boards, in the site’s output, in vehement emails, or now in the talkbacks we’ve added [they’re staying, so don’t even…] makes me really long to be in another place at another time in a different world under different circumstances. It’s not like I feel entitled to unfiltered happiness and goodwill towards men, but I do feel like whatever this place has done to bring a large group of people together often goes unnoticed and sometimes trampled upon.

Luckily there are things to temper that and remind me that for the most part it’s worth the effort and trouble, because it never fails that when I meet a longtime reader in real life I’m reminded how diverse, fun, and generally great you folks are.

Case in point, last night.

At Cafe Intermezzo, one of my favorite spots in Atlanta local boys Justin Waddell (Kevin Matchstick on the boards), Will Mason (Misfit), Gray Whitten (El Gray) joined other Atlanta residents known to posters as F8Sabre and Billylove in welcoming the gentleman known as Frank Cobretti to town over drinks, food, coffee, and dessert.

It was a really nice time and proof that though the opinions on the site and its staff may vary, we still manage to bring together a really special group of people. It’s also nice to see that despite the oftentimes combative, silly, or benign stuff we all post as message board members, it doesn’t prohibit us from all being rather fun folks to hang with in the real world.

It makes me long to resurrect the coffee meetings. Go back to Comic Con. Make more of an effort. Or at the least, make efforts to get the Chewers in different regions to band together from time to time. Some of them have done it on their own and made a cool thing out of it.

So, thanks guys. It’s nice to break out of the narrow focus from time to time to enjoy you all. I hope to do it again real soon.

– Nick Nunziata feels a CHUD Orgy is still a ways off.