The original Witcher wasn’t an easy game to like. The combat was often frustrating, but patient players were rewarded with an uncompromising story and a vivid gameworld. Best of all, it hardly ever ripped off Tolkien, although one could imagine Gandolf bouncing around Middle Earth collecting sex cards.

Three long years and no console port later, Polish developer CDProject unveils the next Witcher chapter, which includes shapeshifters in birthday suits and gravel-voiced baddies:

It’s strangely cute that they tout the 86% metacritic score in the trailer.

Geralt looks a lot more like Gerard Butler this time around, no? The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings doesn’t have a publisher yet, but you can expect it some time in 2011 – and probably only on the PC, judging by the first game’s precedent.

Source: Gametrailers