My review of Cop Out was received by some as ‘mean,’ especially the last paragraph where I said that Kevin Smith should quit directing movies. But that wasn’t mean – it was simply common sense advice. The guy’s in the wrong job, and I feel like he’s more than proven it by now. He’s an incredibly engaging speaker and a funny guy, and I don’t see any shame in Smith abandoning one career that just isn’t working out and pursuing one at which he could be wildly successful. Writing books and doing speaking tours should be Kevin Smith’s future. I think he’d be amazing at it.

But he’s still going to direct movies anyway – nobody listens to me. And his next, it seems, will be the long-discussed Red State, a horror movie. Red State is a political horror film that draws its inspiration from Fred Phelps, the evil son of a bitch who protests funerals and says God brought us 9/11 because we don’t kill gays in the streets. Smith will be shooting this summer.

The filmmaker answered some questions on Twitter this morning about the project, including whether it would be a studio picture.

Via @aisleseat “Studio deal for RED STATE or going the full indie route?” (*Marches across big lawn, up front porch*) I’m home, Momma.

Home? That sounds to me like he’s back in the tender embraces of the Weinstein Company, who I suppose are rebounding after their latest very near death experience.

Something must have changed on Red State since we last heard about it, since Smith was waiting for snow to make the movie.