Nintendo has just announced the 3DS, a brand new hand-held system that will release before March 2011 in Japan. There aren’t a ton of details so far because they’re looking to unveil it this year at E3. (Look at that! A Nintendo Press Conference that will be worth attending? It’s been years!)

The things we do know- the system will somehow allow for glasses-free 3D, and be compatible with all DS and DSi software. It will apparently feature “significant improvements in wireless communications speed and battery life”, and the screen will be no larger than 4 inches. The game will apparently come with a “3D joystick” that contains a force feedback mechanism. They’re also looking to see about employing an accelerometer into the system so that games can be played by tilting the system.

It’s pretty bizarre how they decided to announce this now, just a tiny bit before the release of the DSiXL, the ultra-large DS that looks pretty sexy. But they probably figure people will buy anything they put out at this point rather than waiting, and they’re probably right.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I still own a Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s failed red and black 3D system. It’s not something I’m incredibly proud of, but I’ve received many headaches while playing some Teleroboxer and Mario Clash over the years. Hopefully the 3DS ends up being something more than a gimmick and developers learn to fully utilize the system and create innovative games, much like they have with the DS.

Via Nikkei