It’s been a long time coming for The Good, The Bad, The Weird. The international trailer thrilled people when it was released over two years ago, doing a great job of showcasing the wacky kung fu western. To date, it’s still the most expensive Korean films ever made, with a production budget of 17 million. Director Jim Jee-Woon has already shown that he’s one of the greats with A Tale of Two Sisters, one of the best Asian ghost stories of the last decade, and the film stars Kang-ho Song, best known as the lead in both The Host and Thirst.

The official synopsis:

In the 1930s Manchurian desert, where
lawlessness rules, the fates of three mysterious Korean men collide on a
train carrying precious cargo. The Good, a suave bounty hunter, The
Bad, the brazen leader of a gang of outlaws, and The Weird, a hard-up
robber with nine lives, are swept up in a frantic chase across the
wilderness, fighting all the way for possession of a mysterious treasure
map. THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD explodes in a flurry of violence as
the Japanese Army and a brassed-off posse of Chinese bandits join the
pursuit. Who will claim the prize for themselves? In this pulse-pounding
adventure, you can never be sure who exactly is good, bad, or weird.

IFC has picked The Good, The Bad, The Weird up for release and just sent over this brand new poster and trailer. Can’t wait until this baby hits? You won’t have too much longer- it will hit cable On Demand services starting on March 31st and then be unleashed theatrically in NYC on April 23rd, with a national run rolling out the following week.
As you’ll see below, the film looks like a must-see.