Just a couple of weeks ago it looked
like X-Men:
First Class
, the prequel to the X-Men films,
would mark Bryan Singer’s return to the franchise. But now things are
looking less certain, as HitFix
has learned
that Fox
is meeting with other directors to fill Singer’s shoes.

reason? Singer is knee-deep in Warner Bros’ Jack the Giant Killer,
and it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to do that and a new X film. So why the heck was there
this big LA Times article last week about Singer doing the movie? Mr. Beaks
at Aint It Cool
thinks it
could be because Singer and Lauren Shuler Donner are trying to convince
Fox to keep the seat warm for Singer as he runs out the door to direct Jack the
Giant Killer

This all confirms the feeling I had
that Singer wouldn’t really be coming back for the film; we might see
him as some kind of producer, but it seems likely that Bryan Singer’s
days as the leader of the X-Men are at an end.