I don’t know what to make of this casting news: John Malkovich and Frances McDormand will be appearing in Transformers 3, shooting next month. Also joining them is Ken Jeong, which is less shocking and more just cool (Senor Chang on Community is my favorite TV character right now).

Here’s what’s most mind-blowing about this: if Frances McDormand’s husband should happen to visit her on set that means a fucking Coen Brother would have been present during the filming of Transformers 3. A Coen Brother!

Malkovich apparently has a major role, playing the National Intelligence Director – who is Shia LaBeouf’s boss. I guess he did an accelerated program out of college or something. It’s unclear who McDormand will play, or the size of her role.

This certainly isn’t the weirdest possible casting – both actors have made their share of stinkers – but it will be modestly surreal watching Malkovich get the full on John Turturro treatment.

via Deadline