A few scant weeks ago, we told you of the new Losers poster that immediately brought to mind a choice scene from a certain Ice Cube / Chris Tucker film from 1995 involving a guy named Deebo, a punch worthy of Balrog and some subjective camera, in-your-face taunting.  That poster worked for me.  It said that if you had the misfortune to go up against these particular non-winning types, you were more than likely going to know how DJ Pooh felt, only worse.  It was evocative of the comic, a bit raw, and plus, it featured Nav’icrotchage. 

Now, SuperheroHype has a newer new poster for said miscreants, which is even more in the style of a comic book.  It’s fine and all; yet, in comparison to the original, it just doesn’t have that same, shall we say…je ne sai quoi?  Or better yet, the same j’ai obtenu le %$*& frappé dehors.*  Nevertheless, still looking for ward to this.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.

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