Film Weekend Per Total
1 Alice in Wonderland $34,500,000 (-45.0%) $9,227 $265,800,000
2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid $21,800,000 $7,085 $21,800,000
3 The Bounty Hunter $21,000,000 $6,831 $21,000,000
4 Repo Men $6,151,000 $2,440 $6,151,000
5 She’s Out of My League $6,015,000 (-38.5%) $2,033 $19,954,000
6 Green Zone $5,963,000 (-58.3%) $1,985 $24,702,000
7 Shutter Island $4,755,000 (-41.6%) $1,759 $115,770,000
8 Avatar $4,000,000 (-38.7%) $3,236 $736,881,000
9 Our Family Wedding $3,800,000 (-50.2%) $2,362 $13,668,000
10 Remember Me $3,300,000 (-59.2%) $1,490 $13,900,000

This just in: The monkey that went to heaven.

Producer and founder of Jeff Katz made an excellent point on Twitter (where his handle is Katzmoney) when the box office of Remember Me hit. He said “I wonder if the Remember Me gross is giving any pause to those handing Taylor Lautner $8M paydays before he has carried a single movie..” Um. To quote last year’s biggest movie “That’s a yahtzee!”

So Alice will make its way into the $300 million dollar range. Is this 3-D, is this inflated prices, is this the movie, is this Stockholm syndrome? I have no idea. but if Clash of the Titans does anywhere near this sort of business, Warner’s people will act out the Mick Jagger David Bowie “Dancing in the Streets” music video. The secret weapon here seems to be girls, which Clash won’t have in the same way, but this does disprove release dates are  barometer of when a film can become successful.

That Diary of a Wimpy Kid beat The Bounty Hunter probably says more about the following of the formers book than the appeal of Jennifer Aniston. Frankly, Aniston never really made it as a movie star (Marley and Me isn’t a JA picture), and hasn’t had much traction even with an absence from the big screen, and whatever empathy she got for losing Brad to Angelina – which the public seems to give dick all about – isn’t enough to get people’s butts in seats. This didn’t open as well as The Ugly Truth, which would have been good number for both stars of Bounty Hunter. Fox made Wimpy Kid cheap, and did a better job with this than they did with I Love You Beth Cooper. It strikes that there is a home for this sort of stuff, and Fox played their cards right on this one. The film cost $15, they should be able to get this to $50 no problem. The Bounty Hunter might end up in that range as well. But both films were reasonably cheap, in the long run.

Such cannot be said for Green Zone, which looks even worse on week two. Kind of a disaster. No one thought this would be a grand slam, but I don’t know if Universal was prepared for how terrible a gross this is. Repo Men is also not much of a winner, so that’s two back-to-back not great films in a row, and then there’s Wolf ManRepo Men may find a home later, but no one likes later. Everyone wants now.

Avatar‘s got $750 in its sights as a final resting place until re-release. Shutter Island could hold on for $130, and it should be within the range of The Departed. She’s Out of My League may get over $30, which isn’t bad for what it is. How to Train Your Dragon should fell Alice. And Hot Tub Time Machine might actually be funny.