I don’t know that a talent search for a role has been this closely followed since they were trying to find Scarlett O’Hara for Gone With The Wind*. I don’t know how on purpose all of the First Avenger: Captain America casting back and forth has been, but it’s certainly generated a shit ton of publicity for this movie before a moment of film has been shot.

Now Hollywood Reporter is saying that Marvel has offered the role to Chris Evans, a fact that make my geeky little heart cheer and say huzzah. The down side is that Evans is already committed to the romcom What’s Your Number?, which would have him against Anna Farris, and which would have the underrated actor hitting a very different demo than the young males to whom Captain America will appeal. That makes this a serious decision on his part… but I hope he comes down on the side of the Star Spangled Avenger.

The First Avenger: Captain America films in just a couple of months; Joe Johnston is probably already over in London working on pre-production. I think Chris Evans is a terrific choice for the role, and I have my fingers crossed that this all works out nicely in the next couple of days. I’ll tell you that after seeing She’s Out of My League I really am afraid of the empty Mike Vogel getting the role.

*ludicrous hyperbole, of course