Rob Cohen has his eyes on a remake of The Monster Squad, according to Deadline New York, which is a film he produced back in the late 80s. Looking to direct this time, Cohen has involved his cohorts at Platinum Dunes, which means Michael Bay’s name might be on this sucker (also Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller).

The original film, which I haven’t seen fuck you, is a monsters-come-to-town romp that sounds to me like a horror-based Goonies. I haven’t seen The Goonies either*, so take that as the valueless observation that it is. The original was written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker, so it has that going for it, and means I might actually pursue seeing it (there is seriously no room in my life for The Goonies).

Perhaps it was the Monster Squad fracas at The Alamo earlier this year that got everyone’s juices flowing, or maybe the apparent collapse of Cohen’s medieval film got him looking for an easy target. The story seems to revolve around a batch of monsters that another studio owns and is (poorly) trying to revive, so I have to wonder if that could cause any bumps in the road for the return of The Monster Squad.

Either way, poor Quint.

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*Sorry there wasn’t someone more qualified to bring you your Monster Squad remake news at 5:00am folks.