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Christoph Waltz is kind of a fucking god with the film geeks right now, having played such an amazing villain so remarkably, and actually getting duly rewarded for it (while remaining alive to receive it). Like anyone with two brain cells to rub together, Waltz is parlaying that success into other projects, including several film roles he’s signed on for. What may surprise you and the aforementioned contingent of film geeks though, is that one of his first moves as “Oscar Winner Christoph Waltz” is to jump behind the wheel of a German-language romantic comedy.

Considering the nature of our exposure to Mr. Waltz thus far, this may seem like an… unfortunate move, but it is well within character. Waltz is known for his sense of humor, has directed TV before, and this is apparently a script he has written himself based off of a German-language book Auf und Davon or Up And Away. He may also take a part of unknown size.

Fox International is on-board for the film, which follows “a woman who is the ruthless host of a dating show competition. She finds herself in over her head when the show’s romantic story line bumps into her own feelings for a contestant.” Don’t expect it to make many waves, if any, in the states though. Just be happy Waltz is getting to do what he wants, and that we’ll see him plenty in The Green Hornet (where he has assumed another villain role) and Water For Elephants.

Source | THR

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