Well it’s finally here, the first trailer for Robert Rodriguez’ / Nimrod Antal’s Predators, courtesy of IGN.  Staggering to me that it’s been 20 years since a bonafide Predator movie – sans Aliens

– has been on the screen.  My thoughts?  I actually had hoped, years ago, that someone might do this concept, of getting humans on a Predator planet.  But of course I’d hoped those humans would have included Dutch and Harrigan, guys who had previously killed a Predator and were taken as some sort of “honored prey” or something.  On a side note, I was living in LA in 1997…Predator 2 pretty much got it right.

Anyway, the trailer looks good, right in line with what I’d seen in previous footage.  But I’m wondering who decided to paint Laurence Fishburne’s Noland as Captain Obvious?  “They can hear you…smell you…and see you”  And “How do we kill them?”  “Anyway you can.”  Cool, thanks for the wisdom nuggets, dude… 

Predators opens on July 7th.  Thanks to Brian and Alex for the tip.

Predators Movie Trailer – Trailer

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