Syfy has a very interesting article where Crispin Glover finally opens up on some of the noted Back To The Future controversies that kept him out of the sequels and fairly silent on the matter for the last two decades plus:

“On the DVD to the Back to the Future trilogy, Bob Gale has said
something that’s totally fabricated,” Glover told a group of reporters
at this weekend’s press junket for
Hot Tub Time Machine. “He
said I asked for twice the amount of money that Michael J. Fox asked
for in the first film. In the negotiation for the second film, they
offered me less than half of what any of the actors that were being
asked to come back in the film—Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea
Thompson and Tom Wilson. They had all done studio films, and they’d
made a lot more money. I was being penalized.”

has quite a bit else to say on the matter, including ultimately being
glad that he was in the film and how he had a good experience working
with Robert Zemeckis.  He also dips into the legal action he
filed when he was replaced in the sequels by an actor in “false nose, chin and cheekbones in order to fool people into believing that [he] was in the film.”

You can click over here for the whole read.

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