Lee Daniels is getting together his production of Selma, the tale of the historic 1965 marches held by Martin Luther King that were met by brutality by Southern authorities, despite reported financial straits.  Daniels, hot off his film, Precious, has chosen British actor David Oyelowo to portray King.  Hugh Jackman is already on board as a racist Sheriff.  Governor George Wallace remains to be cast.  Financial issues are nothing new for Daniels, who faced similar difficulties in getting Precious to the screen and a couple of Oscars.

Oyelowo is racking up some notable films of late.  He co-starred in The Last King of Scotland, will be seen in George Lucas’ upcoming Red Tails and now will be portraying one of the most iconic Americans.  Paul Webb wrote the script, which Christian Colson, who is producing Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, is
producing with Plan B.

via THR.com

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