Even though its name sounds like a bizarre mistranslation, From Software’s oddball gems like King’s Field and Demon’s Souls prove that it has creativity to spare. Their upcoming 3D Dot Game Heroes doesn’t appear to break the trend. Check out the new trailer:

Okay, so it’s a dumb Dos Equis parody, but the game does appear to have a lot of character. Largely inspired by the first Zelda game, you’ll inhabit the blocky shoes of your own 8-bit hero as you try to save the kingdom from a magical-orb-stealing villain. The straightforward adventure game, which has your hero wielding bows, boomerangs, lanterns, and (gigantic) swords, is augmented by a design system that lets players craft different objects or characters brick by brick.

3D Dot Game Heroes hits the PS3 on May 11th with a very retro $40 price tag.