Fox Home Entertainment just officially announced the April 22nd release of Avatar on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s a date that we’ve known for a while, but something no one considered was that it’s actually releasing on a Thursday. The reason for this? April 22nd is Earth Day. Commence eye-rolling, as I’m sure the film was carbon neutral and made with the Earth’s best interests. Cameron will be announcing some sort of environmental campaign with producer Jon Landau at a press conference on March 23rd.

One questionable decision for this release? Both the dvd and blu-ray are utterly devoid of features- including trailers and animated menus- so that they can fill the disc with a better audio/video 2D presentation.

It’ll certainly be a pretty blu, one to show off your system, but this is just the start. At the press conference on the 23rd the director and producer will talk about the next release of the film, an “ultimate” edition that’s planned for a November release, and could potentially contain the additional content that will appear in the upcoming theatrical re-release of the film.

Another interesting thing is that neither of these releases will be in ALIEN-BANGING 3D. No, that will presumably be saved up for yet another release of the film on home video.

What do you guys think? Will you splurge on this one, or just hold off till the best release hits?