It’s somewhat unusual that the pending Conan film is staffing up by recruiting from various military organizations.  The star, Jason Momoa, is from the Satedan armed forces on Stargate: Atlantis; the villain, Stephen Lang, is fresh from trying to exterminate the Na’vi; and now, Said Taghmaoui has just transferred over from G.I. Joe.  Taghmaoui was Breaker in that particular film.  In Conan, he’s playing a leader of thieves who is saved by Conan
(Jason Momoa) and later offers him aid.  Lang is a ruler in search
of a queen whose blood will bring life to the demonic minions of a
long-lost god.

You might also recognize Taghmaoui from Season 5 of Lost.  He played Caesar, who had an unfortunate disagreement with a shotgun, if memory serves.  Taghmaoui has also appeared in Traitor, opposite Don Cheadle and The Kite Runner.  He next has the Stranded, for directors Hugues and Sandra Martin upcoming later this year.

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