David Fincher sure seems to have fallen for biopics. Variety is reporting that the man is set to direct Pawn Sacrifice, a drama about the life story of chess icon Bobby Fischer. The screenplay by Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things) has attracted a lot of big name directors, and Columbia wanted to work with Fincher again after his next film The Social Network (yes, the Facebook flick) so it was a perfect fit.

The film will focus on Fischer’s early life and will climax with his famous cold war match against Boris Spassky. That was pretty early in the man’s life though, so perhaps this means they will leave off  the last few years of his life when he went insane and became a self-hating Jew.

Anyway, while I’m certain most of David Fincher’s fans would rather see him leaning towards darker territory, never fear! He’s also attached to the adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, a Swedish crime novel that’s already been adapted into a trilogy and has been fiending for a Hollywood remake.  There’s no deal in place for it yet, though.

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