Film Weekend Per Total
1 Alice in Wonderland $62,000,000 (-46.6%) $16,631 $208,625,000
2 Green Zone $14,535,000 $4,840 $14,535,000
3 She’s Out of My League $9,600,000 $3,248 $9,600,000
4 Remember Me $8,300,000 $3,752 $8,300,000
5 Shutter Island $8,140,000 (-38.5%) $2,426 $108,008,000
6 Our Family Wedding $7,600,000 $4,735 $7,600,000
7 Avatar $6,600,000 (-18.7%) $3,842 $730,344,000
8 Brooklyn’s Finest $4,290,000 (-67.9%) $2,212 $21,351,000
9 Cop Out $4,230,000 (-54.5%) $1,468 $39,442,000
10 The Crazies $3,650,000 (-48.4%) $1,547 $33,358,000

This just in: Daylight savings this year amounts to a hundred and fifty bucks.

When a film drops like a stone, it was well sold. When it holds, it means that word of mouth was good. And though the word that was bad was very bad, Alice in Wonderland has played. The percentage game may be working against it for a $300 grand total stateside, but that’s not impossible, and unless something truly terrible happens, it should be over $250 next weekend, and there’s no real competition for 3-D screens until 3/26. Hello big win for Disney on this, and international is also strong. The question then is if Disney was being extra cautious regarding the DVD release window, or if this is another smart Mouse-house decision to shrink release windows.

Green Zone was neither fish nor fowl, and selling it as Bourne 4 or whatever didn’t play. Expect a quick death. Same for Remember Me, She’s Out of My League, and Our Family Wedding for that matter. These are two weekers, palette cleansers meant to swab away other films that also aren’t exactly cleaning up. A cycle of mediocre.

Shutter Island crossed $100 million, Cop Out should get over $40 in a day or three. You could say that Smith brought Willis down, but the majority of his non-Die Hard films have been doing $40 domestic for a while. Perhaps international will be solid, but $50 is out of the question now.

Overture has both The Crazies and Brooklyn Finest. To make what is known in professional comedian circles as a call back, they know how to sell well. These were well sold.