Vulture is reporting that Ron Perlman has come on board to the new Conan, and he’ll be playing Daddy to our heroic Cimmerian.

Mickey Rourke had been the guy to father the Barbarian, but talks fell apart and the producers went looking for someone else. They ended up with one of our great B-movie actors, so it’s hard to complain about that. If only they had filled the rest of the cast with such cool talent; this version of Conan has a made-for-cable feel slathered all over it.

In fact the only problem I have with the casting is that Perlman is so much cooler than the guy playing Conan that I’m worried the lead is going to be overwhelmed. Jason Mimosa I believe is his name, ‘famous’ from Stargate: Poughkeepsie or something. It’s possible that I just haven’t seen him in enough stuff – mostly I’ve just seen him in stills where he looks like fucking Terl the Psychlo from Battlefield Earth – but I suspect this kid is going to get blown off the screen by the one-two punch of Perlman and Stephen Lang as the bad guy.