Sir Harold at AICN ran a SXSW report on the footage Robert Rodriguez showed for the upcoming Adrien Brody/Topher Grace/Laurence Fishburne Predators movie directed by Nimrod Antal [whose Armored I watched yesterday and was not utterly moved by though it had moments], and surprisingly not only did it feature a surprising amount of footage, it also revealed some new beasties like the Predator’s ‘mount’ above.

It looks pretty solid, and it’s a Predator movie. That bar is so low, I think we’d tolerate a two-hour film featuring two Predators getting their dreds done by Chris Rock. It also features real actors, albeit this weird new bloated Fishburne that weirds me out.

Nimrod’s intriguing. The cast is interesting, especially Walton Goggins, who was Emmy worthy for at least two years on The Shield. But Robert Rodriguez at the front and center worries me. The guy has amazing savvy, innovative skills at making movies, and a self-built empire. I just don’t like his movies, which I find to be a bit of a roadblock.

I want to like this. I want this footage to win me over. But I’ve been burned before. Either way, it’s good to see that we’ll be privy to plenty of footage and behind-the-scenes stuff as this gets closer to release. I’m anxious to hear how you feel, and then disagree violently if you don’t fall in line with my opinion.

Greg Nicotero’s involved with the FX, which is huge. Actually, it’s his name on the project that excites me more than all the others combined. But still… skeptical.

See for yourself.

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