The way it sounded when Fox was mulling over pulling the plug
on Jack Bauer a couple of days ago, it was a done deal, and 24 probably would have been heading for theatres.  That
will probably still come to pass. But here a twist for you: NBC may be
interested in picking up the show, according to’s Michael Ausiello: Multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that 20th Century Fox has
approached NBC about picking up the series should Fox opt to cancel it
— and the Peacock is considering it. “There’s definitely some
interest,” says an insider close to the talks.

didn’t see that one coming. Sure, many shows that are on tthe chopping
block are candidates for another network.  Just kind of rare
to see one this expensive and this established uproot after eight
season to another network.  Now of course this may be the usual Hollywood scuttlebutt, but I read Ausiello regularly, and he frequently has a line on stuff like this if there’s at least a plausible chance of it occurring.  So make of it what you will.

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