Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are going for a superhero comedy team up in their next flick, Change UpWritten by The Hangover scribes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore,
“Change-Up” is the latest entry into Hollywood’s long line of
body-switching movies. This one is a male-centric take on the
genre, centering on a responsible family man (Bateman) who switches
bodies with his best friend, a lazy man-child (Reynolds).

Been a while since we’ve gotten a good old-fashioned switcheroo reheated in the movie microwave.  I’m one of the lucky few who survived that stretch back in the late ’80s when we got 18 Again, Vice Versa and Like Father, Like Son within about a year’s time.  Anyway, of course Ryan Reynolds already has both Deadpool and Green Lantern in the works, while, ironically, Bateman has The Switch upcoming with Jennifer Aniston.

Just another freaky Friday on the message boards.