Only played through Mass Effect 2 once? In case the upcoming Hovertank DLC wasn’t enough incentive to give the game a second spin, BioWare’s March 11th confirmation of the long rumored Kasumi character should seal the deal.

On April 6th, the new “Kasumi’s Stolen Memory” content becomes available, but unlike all previous Cerberus Network DLC, this one won’t be free. The pack should provide an hour and a half of gameplay, and opens up Kasumi’s Locust SMG and flash-bang grenade loyalty ability. The loyalty mission sends Shepard and crew on a recovery mission, pitting them against a powerful (and possibly duplicitous) art collector.

There’s no word yet on pricing. And there’s some good news for folks who have already played through the game more than once: you’ll be able to load Kasumi’s mission either during a new playthrough, or any time after the game’s final battle is over.

[UPDATE: IGN UK details the new content further here. Disappointingly, it sounds like Kasumi will follow in Zaeed’s footsteps in that she’s a static storyteller without any interactive dialogue options. Still, it’s great that the Normandy might finally get its own little Ten Forward. Thanks to forum member Sentinel Red for the heads up.]

Source: Joystiq