Devin wasn’t kidding when he called it a clusterfuck. The casting process for Captain America, at least so far as we common people have gotten wind, has already had a few ups and downs, and a definitive choice has still not been made (public, anyway).
According to the ever reliable Heat Vision though, the decision of who will don the the crimson cranium is much more clear- Hugo Weaving will be the Red Skull if director Joe Johnston gets his way.

Apparently the ink hasn’t quite spilled yet (there are negotiations to be had, considering Marvel’s frugal contracts of late) but Weaving is in serious talks and an agreement should be reached within a day or so if THR’s blog is correct. This is all completely logical since Weaving very recently worked with Johnston on The Wolfman, and he’s also a complete badass that any production would be happy having him for their villain. Johnston has also mentioned his desire for Cap to be a relative unknown surrounded by bigger, prestigious names, and Weaving fits right in with that.

Red Skull, or George John Maxon in the World War II era that birthed him, is surely the most famous Captain America villain (the only one I’ve heard of) and we’ve known he’d be the primary villain for some time. What form he’ll take (he’s had many in the comics), what sort of interpretation of the character he’ll be, if he’ll be working with HYDRA, and how he might be connected with Howard Stark are all still unanswered questions.

Look for more details and some sort of confirmation soon.

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