I met the guys (and lady) from Derrick Comedy at Sundance in 2009, when they premiered their movie Mystery Team. In the year since then they have begun their inexorable rise to power, just as I predicted. Don Glover has become one of the most amazing members of the amazing ensemble cast of Community. DC Pierson’s book, The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Didn’t Have To, is in stores right now. The entire team has been taking Mystery Team across the country, mixing live presentations with screenings of this very funny film, which is about three child detectives who get older but never grow up.

Now Mystery Team has come to Los Angeles, and it’s beginning a one week stand at the Nuart Theater. Derrick will be there at all evening shows, meeting and greeting and building the fanbase. You should see this movie – it’s very funny – and you should see Derrick – they’re very funny.

Click here to buy tickets to Mystery Team at the Nuart. The trailer is below, just in case you don’t believe my ‘very funny’ pronouncements!