Over to the right there you’ll see the cover art for the upcoming Squidbillies Volume 3 DVD, hitting store shelves on July 6.  Now, you might be saying to yourself “The fuck’s a squidbilly?”  Just head over to Adult Swim’s Youtube Channel to see for yourself.  Go ahead – take a look, I’ll wait…

Okay, now that you’re all caught up (or if you already knew and just skipped the link altogether), here’s a snip from the press release:

Look out, boy!  The ‘billies be gettin’ into more trouble than ever when Adult Swim and Warner Home Video bring ‘em back to DVD in Squidbillies Volume 3 on July 6, 2010. The Cuyler clan are still up to their drinkin’, destructin’ and reckless ways in this latest installment. Look out for Rusty gettin’ into the steroids and fussin’ with the oldest living confederate widow. Watch Early fleece money off his family, and experience the toxic effects of getting caught up in a liberal news media human interest typhoon.  Featuring 10 episodes from the hit show’s fourth season, Squidbillies Volume 3 will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.97.

   In addition to 115 minutes of animated shenanigans from season four, the DVD has a big ol’ batch of bonus features including:

    * Art Sequence: “Art & Music”
    * Hat Sequence: “This Ain’t a Hat, It’s a Ragtop for a Sex Convertible”
    * “Funny Pete Stuff” promos
    * Squidbillies video from Dragon *Con 2009

So there ya have it – if you’re a fan be sure to mark July 6 on your calendar.