Back when that The First Avenger: Captain America casting wish list story broke, Cinematical said that the guy Marvel really wanted for Cap was John Krasinksi. And that’s apparently still the case, according to Fox 411.

“John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests,” our source tells the blog.  “He has screen tested 2 times so far.  It’s very likely that he will be the new Captain America.  He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week.”

Ugh. Just ugh. I watched the baby episode of The Office last week just so I could really study Krasinksi; not only was the episode pretty bad, he has nothing about him that says ‘Captain America’ to me. Except a big fucking jughead. Maybe that’s the key to the role. People keep saying that nobody thought Michael Keaton would make a good Batman, and I say ‘You’re right! And he really didn’t!’ Just because Keaton wasn’t disastrous in the role doesn’t mean he was good.

I’ll try to keep my mind open until I see Krasinksi in action as Cap. That’s hard, though, with the continued horrible buzz I’ve been hearing about the script. Fingers crossed that the three different people I’ve spoken to who have said the script is a pile of shit are wrong.

By the way, I hope Krasinski is in great shape – the film starts shooting in a couple of months, and if they still haven’t nailed him down he probably has started training for the part.