It’s so crazy it might just work!

That’s how I feel about hiring the director of the indie snoozefest Lars and the Real Girl to direct the upcoming remake of Fright Night,
the movie that launched the gay porn career of Stephen Geoffreys. Craig
Gillespie is the lead choice by Dreamworks to helm the retelling of the
classic 80s movie about a kid who discovers his neighbors are vampires.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer goddess
Marti Noxon is writing the script, but the exact premise remains
unclear; in the original our hero turned to a TV horror movie host for
aid in killing the vamps, but as TV horror movie hosts simply don’t
exist anymore it seems unlikely the film will take that tack. One
previous rumor had the kid seeking out Chris Sarandon, who played the
vampire in the original Fright Night. That, too, is so crazy it might just work.

by the way, isn’t some kind of indie-only darling, despite having made
a bad movie wherein Ryan Gosling falls in love with a sex toy. He also
directed Mr. Woodcock. Yipes.

via the LA Times