Lionsgate is bringing Daybreakers to DVD and Blu-Ray on June 1st, and they’re actually coming packed with decent extras, a seeming rarity these days. Both versions come with a featurette entitled “Making of Daybreakers,” audio commentary with directors Michael and Peter Spierig and special effects creator Steve Boyle, a poster gallery and the theatrical trailer.

But you’ll want to splurge for the Blu here, because it contains a extended feature-length version of “Making of Daybreakers” that spans the filmmaking process. Sure to be interesting on a small film like this one. The disc will also contain a short film
from the directors entitled “The Big Picture,” and a storyboard and animatics film comparison. It also comes with a digital copy. Has anyone actually used one of those?

As for the movie itself, Devin pretty much nailed it. It’s a really fun flick that only stumbles a bit with a few useless plot points and characters (Ethan Hawke’s coworker, for one) that fortunately it doesn’t really diminish the enjoyment. Even if Willem Dafoe occassionally feels like he’s acting in another film, Sam Neil playing an evil corporate vampiric scumbag should guarantee your admission.