is going to be a great year for movies. I’m confident of this. Since
we’re in this ride together I figured we’d get ready for the year in a
fun and exciting new way. First, over the course of the next fifteen
weekdays we’re going to highlight one mainstream film a day. Some of
them are slam dunks, some of them have a cloud of trouble floating
above them, but all represent a great way to spend a Friday night at
the movie theater even if it results in you ripping its ass thereafter.

of the things this site is built on is a love of movies. Some folks
think we’ve let some of that go by the wayside. I disagree, but
regardless, I want 2010 to be a year where this site restores some of
that wonder. Though the glass can never truly be half-full in a
business so driven by rehashes and hollow entertainment, we’re going to
have fun with it and prepare you guys with as many tools as possible to
make the moviegoing experience worth it. Especially as the internet
gets more and more bogged down with people who have no right serving as
an authority of film blabbering all over blogs and Twitter and beyond.

There’s a reason you come here.

Day Fourteen

Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Gist
Your mind is the scene of the crime.

Fuck you they aren’t telling you much more.

Participants to Watch
Tom Berenger used to be an amazing actor. Then he wasn’t. Then he was gone. Christopher Nolan has given him a fat, showy role. Can he run with it and parlay it into a nice second career as a character guy in films we actually see?

Christopher Nolan wrote this by himself. No brother. No David Goyer (thank God). Is he capable of blowing our ass out our mind?

Leonardo DiCaprio has become sort of a mixture of The Beatles and Jesus, only more successful. I’m being facetious, but other than a few whiskery accents, the guy is teflon covered in kevlar wrapped in magical gnome armor. Will he ever let go his grasp on being the actor all the Elite directors make celluloid love to?

The Buzz
The trailers foretell a mindfuck of a movie wrapped in Matrix sheen. Christopher Nolan, despite his detractors [the biggest I know of being an editor for this site whose name escapes me], is buzz incarnate. The movie is huge and is going to be marketed huge. Also, considering Nolan’s track record, it’s probably going to be excellent. The guy doesn’t make bad movies. Period. Buzz is great, but when you have a good product and lots of money backing you, buzz is just noise.

Best Case
What is DEFINITELY going to happen with this movie.

Worst Case
They accidentally ship film cans with Milk inside rather than Inception.

CHUD’s Prognosis
going to be unmissable. The trailers allude to reality being manipulated, ideas being weapons, and it’s all so dark and deep and mysterious and there’s all those cool shots and booming sounds. I have to admit, my lips are covered with the Kool-Aid Mr. Nolan’s making. This is just about can’t miss material.

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