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got a video spot on the red carpet at last night’s Academy Awards, and
while not asking people if they were on Team Jacob or Team Edward, they
asked Keanu Reeves if he’d like to make another Bill & Ted movie
(I shouldn’t judge people for their dumb questions, as I was once at a
cocktail party with David Cronenberg and asked him if he’d appear in Nightbreed 2).
Keanu’s reply reads to me like dry sarcasm, but MTV – and much of the
web – seems to think that it’s plausible that Reeves is trying to get a
new Bill & Ted movie off the ground.

You can watch the video clip by clicking here and decide for yourself.

What would a new Bill & Ted movie be like? I’ve always (unsuccessfully) argued that Dude, Where’s My Car? is what Bill & Ted 3 could
have been, at least in basic terms – you’d have to bring in aliens to
threaten the world peace created by Wyld Stallyns, but a Bill & Ted film would have a wider focus, taking our heroes to outer space. Well, that’s my fanfic anyway. What do you guys think?