I didn’t even know there was an Xtro 3!

Harry Bromley Davenport, who is the auteur of the entire Xtro series, getting it off the ground in 1983 and seeing it through to Xtro 3: Watch the Skies in 1995, says that the fourth film is being written now, and that this film won’t be a reboot or a remake, but it will ‘return to the roots’ of the first film. Which I guess means it’ll be totally incomprehensible!

He tells Fangoria: “It’s going to be a very odd movie indeed. Sort of back to the roots of the first one, but much stranger and, hopefully, more uncomfortable.”

Seriously, the original Xtro is a very odd movie indeed, and a very uncomfortable one as well. Banned in the UK because of a scene where a woman gives birth to a fully grown man, Xtro is probably one of those quintessential CHUD movies, and in fact we included it on the Forgotten Monsters of Filmland list (click here) and the Guiltiest Pleasures list (click here). So this means we’re pretty interested to see Davenport bring this utterly fucked up property back to its bizarro roots.

via Shock Til You Drop