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03/08 – Unfortunately, Sideways Shitter is illiterate…

Photo by Matthew Gulley.

It’s hard not to wonder about the situations which must have happened to make this toilet reach this phase in its crappy porcelain life.

  • All you can eat taco night at the cantina built on a Micmac burial site.
  • Guy was doing blow off a hooker’s breasts in the stall. The hooker was John Popper.
  • The Burliest Brawl.
  • Renton was in a hurry.
  • Only bathroom at Butt-Numb-A-Thon.
  • Only bathroom at Dickie-Thon.
  • The Relic.

A toilet is a terrible thing to waste, and there’s always a victim when one visits a restroom and there’s trouble in the can. Whether it’s some disgusting misanthrope who hasn’t had the courtesy to clean their own mess, some selfish prick who has ruined the place for the next person with 300 pounds of toilet paper, or some Morlock who ripped the bowl up and placed it on its side as seen in this illustration.

We need to be more respectful of others, especially when it involves the ass.