The latest trailer for Iron Man 2 has hit the web, moments after premiering on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and I think it’s awesome. Made up of a lot of old material, the trailer has just enough new stuff to really fill in some blanks. Some of what I picked up:

- The Black Widow is definitely infiltrating Tony Stark’s life. She first shows up as a stenographer.

- Whiplash might very well get a suit of armor by the end; at the very least he’ll be behind an army of Iron Men who come after Tony Stark.

- SHIELD may not be that happy with Tony Stark. Or at least with his psych profile.

- War Machine seems cool – and does he premiere at a Justin Hammer presentation? It looked that way to me – and it looked like the Stark presentation that opens the trailer could be mirrored by a Hammer one, wherein Hammer uses pirated Stark tech to get ahead.

Whatever else the trailer tells us, it tells us that Iron Man 2 looks to be pretty damn awesome.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Or watch it below!