I guess one bad movie about The Shadow wasn’t enough for our lifetimes! According to Latino Review Fox has picked up The Shadow from producer Sam Raimi, and they’re looking to have David Slade, the guy who started so strongly with Hard Candy and just got kicked out of the editing room of Twilight: Eclipse, to potentially direct.

Alec Baldwin starred as the Shadow way back in the 90s, which was directed by Russell Mulcahey (who could well be the previous generation’s David Slade, by the way). Based on the classic pulp radio shows (whose ‘What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!’ catchphrase was very popular once upon a time), the movie had the same superpower as the hero: it was invisible to all. I’m not sure why anyone thinks a new iteration of the character would be any better.

Especially at Fox, the studio best known for ruining everything good about life. They’ve apparently paid a cool million for the rights, which is probably more than they’ll spend marketing the finished film.