There are two HBO shows that I probably need to give another shot: I never got past the first season of Deadwood and I never got past the third episode of Rome. And now I may have to catch up on Rome as homework, since it looks like a movie version of the short lived drama is inching closer to life.

According to Entertainment Weekly Rome creator
Bruno Heller has finished his script for the film, which opens in
Germany four years after the end of the series (where the leads
apparently died, so I’m interested in seeing how that works out). Kevin
McKidd and Ray Stevenson have both expressed interest in the press in
going back to the characters, so all that really remains is the minor
step of getting a studio, and one presumes securing some major

fans of the series this is undoubtedly great news; the show was
canceled very early in its run, and a successful movie could mean many
more adventures for those Roman wackos.