Last year, I did a piece on Smallville going for an incredible 9th season, of which we’re currently in the midst.  So here I am a year later, letting you know that Michael Ausiello of is reporting that a 10th, yes, 10th season has just been greenlit by the CW.  Wow.  This early pickup comes on the heels of early renewals for Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and America’s Next Top Model.  When Smallville came back this season, it was relegated to the Friday night death slot.  But apparently, that change has been like the rays of the yellow sun for the show, and it’s been thriving there, hence the renewal.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with Mr. Nunziata a couple of years ago while enjoying stogies here in Hollywood.  It went something like this:

Nick: “You watch Smallville?!”
Me: “Yeah, I know, but I’ve been there from Day 1 and I’m invested.”

I had been and I was.  But even I have fallen off this show’s bandwagon.  In the intermediate years, I could see what Smallville was building towards, somewhat at least.  I’d stayed with the show through the kryptonite villains of the week, the torturous Clark / Lana / Lex triangle of doom, and that season-long build up last year of the Clark / Doomsday showdown.  But after last season’s finale, me and disenchantment became fast friends regarding this show.  That wasn’t helped at all by the over-hyped Absolute Justice telefilm that the show recently did.  I suppose you’ve got to give it to Tom Welling though. He’s got a good thing going and is smart enough to hang onto it with a death grip. 

Amazing to realize that next year Smallville will tie Stargate: SG-1’s record for longevity in the sci-fi / fantasy realm when it comes to episodic TV.

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