Arguably the greatest portion of Valve’s incredible Orange Box (still one of the great video game bundles of all time), Portal took gamers by surprise and offered up a hysterical, mind-warping adventure. It was short and sweet and left gamers wanting for more… which we’re getting.

As you can see by the cover of the upcoming Game Informer, Portal 2 is on the way. Best of all, it’s a full-fledged standalone sequel. They’re not saying what’s what, yet (have to give those poor Gamestop subscribers something!) but there’s a hint of new gameplay mechanics, storyline, and some new twists.

Head to GI’s site to see both covers in high res.

This comes on top of a week full of Portal teasers, including an ARG and a new section tacked onto the ending of the original game via a Steam update. Watch it below.

Does this mean a new antagonist? We’ll find out soon.