I don’t watch How I Met Your Mother,
but people who can put up with sitcoms tell me it’s fine. And besides
starring in that modestly well-rated show, Neil Patrick Harris has
really re-entered the cultural consciousness with awards show hosting
gigs, with internet musicals, and with an upcoming guest run on Glee. And he’s going to be directing a revival of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl.

And now he’s signed on to star in The Smurfs.
Not as a Smurf, but as a person. Which means one of two things: even
with all this stuff going on in his career NPH needs more money or the
script for the movie is okay.

number two seems unlikely to me. See, NPH isn’t playing Gargamel or
some character in a magic forest somewhere. He plays a modern day New
York City dad who meets the Smurfs in Central Park. I guess that
answers many of our questions about the plot of the movie – it’s going
to be Stewart Little with blue people.

Make your money, NPH. Just use it to allow you to do something interesting next, please.

via EW Online