X-Men Origins: Wolverine being terrible wasn’t enough to keep people from actually seeing it, and that means there’s going to be another film. There had been rumors and reports of a sequel, possibly set in Japan, but now it all looks like it’s going – according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently Christopher McQuarrie has handed in his script for the film, which is set to start shooting in January in the Land of the Rising Sun. The script leans heavily on some of Frank Miller’s work on Wolverine, which set the character in the far east and had him in a doomed romance with a beautiful Japanese woman.

This story, of course, spins out of one of the multiple endings for Wolverine; in one Wolverine sits in a Japanese bar, downing shots. When the bartender asks if he’s drinking to forget, like the audience soon will be, he replies ‘No, I’m drinking to remember.’ Which doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

That ending was added as blatant fan service, by the way, following work on the film where Tom Rothman personally stepped in to fuck with fan-favorite Deadpool. There’s going to be some weird books written about the making of the Fox X-Men movies, and the Wolverine chapter could be the weirdest.