It’s interesting to think about mainstream society’s perception of psychedelic drugs. Surely, common sense would dictate, that if someone were to try hundreds of kinds of them they’d end up with irreversible brain damage. No one could survive the effect of all those chemicals- why else would they be illegal?

Enter Dirty Pictures. An upcoming documentary by NYC filmmaker Etienne Sauret, it focuses on the man who’s known as the “The Godfather of Psychedelics”, Dr. Alexander Shulgin. The chemist is well-loved among the underground for his discovery of the effects of Ecstasy, and he’s never been one to shy away from questions about drug’s effect on the human body and mind, no matter the legal troubles it’s all landed him in. We’re proud to present the first poster for the film!

The official synopsis-

Dirty Pictures
is a documentary about Dr. Alexander
“Sasha” Shulgin, the rogue chemist who discovered the effects of MDMA
(aka Ecstasy) and over 200 other mind-altering drugs. Shulgin’s alchemy
has earned him the title “The Godfather of Psychedelics,” and a
reputation as one of the great chemists of the 20th century.  Working
from a lab in his home, and using himself and his wife Ann as test
subjects, Shulgin’s discoveries have brought him into conflict with the
law but made him a worldwide underground hero. The two books they
co-authored, “Pihkal” and “Tihkal”, have built a foundation for
cutting-edge neuroscience and medical research.  Dirty Pictures examines
the impact of Dr. Shulgin’s lifelong quest to unlock the complexities
of the human mind.

Dirty Pictures gets its title from Shulgin’s molecular drawings, which he wryly calls his “Dirty Pictures”.

The film is an official selection at
SXSW this year, and will have its premiere on Saturday, March 13th at
, early enough so that you can go out clubbing afterwards. There have announced two later screenings as well. Check the official site for more info and expect a
trailer to hit soon!