Zack Snyder’s animated take on the 15-book Guardians of Ga’Hoole series has freed

itself of its bizarre title, and now you finally can see what the Legend of the Guardians
looks like.

film is based on the first three books of the series and follows a barn owl called
Soren (voiced by Jim Sturgess) who’s kidnapped and put into an Owl Orphanage that’s
actually an institution that brainwashes kids into becoming soldiers
of evil.  “There are a lot of
intense themes in the books,” Snyder says. “Scenes that might not seem
so intense on the written page but would be too much on screen. We
wanted to pull back a little.”

Pretty funny to think about
the director practicing restraint in his cinematic
violence for once- let’s just see if the owls fight in slow motion.


Today talked with Snyder and got these first images from the film, and well, this is one
probably have to wait to see in motion. The trailer will likely premiere
before Alice in
in FEATHER MOLTING 3D. Check out the rest of the
pictures here.

UPDATE: The trailer is already out on the net! Check it out below.