not a very good movie, but it features a terrific comedic performance
from Owen Wilson and Billy Zane being the coolest bald thing this side
of Ted William’s prick. It’s not horrible either. It just is. Derek Zoolander is a one-note character, that’s all.

The oft-discussed sequel always seemed like a bit of vaporware until various careers need a boost of gas but apparently (if you believe Nikki Finke) it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

Paramount and Ben Stiller are pulling together a PG-13 Zoolander 2 with Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2 writer Justin Theroux who’ll also direct.sez Finke. Here’s what I know about Theroux. He’s got powerful friends and he’s ripped as shit in the Charlie’s Angels movie.

Finke threatens that Jonah Hill will be possibly be the villain of the piece, replacing Will Ferrell. Someone needs to get Jonah to stretch a new muscle onscreen, because currently I’ve seen one muscle stretched and I need to see something new.

That said, if they were to make a movie about the coal-mining portion of the Zoolander family with Jon Voight [edit: I had Christopher Walken because he’s also Voighty in appearance] and Vince Vaughn reprising their roles, that’s a movie worth getting excited about.